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The Brand

Raviraj Realty is deeply rooted in values. While carrying on with the legacy, it becomes vitally important to safeguard those core values even under great pressure.

Our logo is the symbol that defines us perfectly.

The shape creates an illusion of a focused progressive sunrise with its tints and shades of yellow and orange. The upward arrow form depicts consistent growth and focused progress that the company has gone through and is still is on the same path continually.

The shape also depicts the basic form of a shelter, which is one of the very basic needs of the living being, which the company understands and caters to.

Yellow and orange are the colors that depict sunshine. One associates it with values like positivity, intellect, energy, and happiness, uplifting and illuminating, oaring hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun. Bringing clarity and awareness. In the meaning of colors, yellow inspires original thought and inquisitiveness, evokes the conscience and shows optimism.

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